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Ultimate Protein Comparison | College Nutritionist

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

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First of all, all proteins are healthy and yummy. Getting a variety of protein sources in your diet ensures that you will get a range of nutrition benefits! AND foods high in protein are very filling - will often keep you full for hours!

However! It is fun to see which sources contain the most protein - these are all based on about 150 calories - so that, if you’re watching calories, you can get the most bang for your buck.

I also list fiber amounts here, since fiber is also filling. But, I have found through my years of coaching, that foods higher in protein, even sacrificing fiber, are more filling for many people compared to plant-based proteins higher in fiber. Just some food for thought :)

Also! What is very important to note, is that not all proteins contain all of the essential amino acids we need to keep up our muscle mass.

All animal proteins contain all essential amino acids (they’re called “complete proteins”), but the majority of plant-based proteins only contain some amino acids (they’re called “incomplete proteins”).

Remember! These are all 150 calorie equivalents

2 Eggs

Protein: 13 gm

Fat: 11 gm

Carbs: 0 gm (0 gm fiber)

7 oz 2% Greek Yogurt

Protein: 20 gm

Fat: 5 gm

Carbs: 8 gm (0 gm fiber)

4.5 oz raw Chicken

Protein: 29 gm

Fat: 3 gm

Carbs: 0 gm (0 gm fiber)

3 oz Raw Salmon

Protein: 17 gm

Fat: 9 gm

Carbs: 0 gm (0 gm fiber)

1.3 oz Cheese

Protein: 10 gm

Fat: 12 gm

Carbs: 1 gm (0 gm fiber)

2 oz Raw Beef

Protein: 15 gm

Fat: 10 gm

Carbs: 0 gm (0 gm fiber)

Remember! These are all 150 calorie equivalents

2/3 cup Cooked Brown Rice

Protein: 3 gm

Fat: 1 gm

Carbs: 30 gm (2 gm fiber)

6 oz Tofu

Protein: 15 gm

Fat: 7 gm

Carbs: 4 gm (1 gm fiber)

3 Tbsp Mixed Nuts

Protein: 4 gm

Fat: 13 gm

Carbs: 7 gm (2 gm fiber)

2/3 Cup Cooked Quinoa

Protein: 5 gm

Fat: 2 gm

Carbs: 26 gm (4 gm fiber)

1/2 Cup Cooked Chickpeas

Protein: 6 gm

Fat: 1 gm

Carbs: 27 gm (5 gm fiber)

2/3 Cup Cooked Lentils

Protein: 12 gm

Fat: 1 gm

Carbs: 27 gm (10 gm fiber)

Here’s another way to look at it

Again, different food types have different amounts of protein. Animal proteins often have more than plant-based.

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Dr. Rachel Paul is a registered dietician who completed her undergrad, masters, and Dietetic internship at Case Western Reserve University and her PhD in Behavioral Nutrition at Columbia University. She is an expert on intuitive and practical nutrition for college students. She can be found on instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Her website is https://www.collegenutritionist.com.