Maintaining a well-stocked kitchen is an investment that will save you time and money down the line. Most of these items stay good for several months and can be used for at least five distinct purposes. Having a well-stocked kitchen means that for most meals, all you need to buy is fresh produce and a protein. It also means that there are hundreds of dishes and sides you can make without buying a single extra ingredient. My criteria for creating this list was making sure I would use every single one of these items over the course of a typical two weeks. For non-baking-inclined individuals, you may not use all of the baking ingredients on a regular basis, but well-stored or unopened cocoa powder or sprinkles will stay good for at least a year.

Note: Snacks or ready-to-eat foods—like peanut butter 0r breakfast cereal—are not included on these lists.


The Gourmet Pantry

the complete guide for

the passionate college cook 


The Vegan Pantry

a complete plant-based pantry



The Minimalist Pantry

the bare minimum not to starve

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The Mediterranean 


Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, and Middle Eastern flavors


The Baker's Pantry

just for sweets

The Asian Pantry

ingredients you need to be inspired by pan-Asian flavors, including Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Japanese-specific ingredients