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What is the Collegetown Kitchen?
  • Accessible Recipes for College Students and Grads

  • Your Guide to Organizing a First Kitchen

  • Healthy Food including GF/Vegetarian/Vegan

  • Basic Cooking Techniques for First-Time Cooks

  • Easy Baking Recipes from Scratch

  • Wisdom from College Students and Experts

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About Jeremy Scheck
(founder / editor-in-chief)

Scheck is a student at Cornell University double majoring in Spanish and Italian with a minor in nutrition. He has years of experience both as a home cook and working at a local bakery. He is also the founder of After School Bakery, a home baking website. In addition to cooking, Scheck enjoys spending time with friends, working out at the gym, traveling, foreign language, politics, and the subjunctive mood. He dislikes skim milk and when people use apostrophes to pluralize a word.



Collegetown Kitchen

The Collegetown Kitchen is a living diary of what our writers and experts are cooking, but it is also a point of reference for cooks of all calibers. There are basic recipes every student should know, like how to roast vegetables, fry eggs, and make chocolate chip cookies without a mixer. But there is also chicken confit and risotto, which aren't as difficult as they sound. In addition, there are guides to creating a functional pantry with shopping lists tailored to the kind of cook you are. There's an equipment guide that tells you exactly what you need in your kitchen, and there are different options for that too. There's guidance on food safety and also how to take care of a cast iron skillet, the versatile friend of a nifty cook.

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